Recent school mural project – Claremont High School

Over on the sign painting side of things – a mural painted on the interior walls of this High School gym…

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Gym graphics were the project at hand recently – this time, all four interior walls of this gym at Claremont High School in Los Angeles County, CA. Our design included shadowy wolves staring down this school’s sports competition!

First, photos of the finished product. Then, some progress photos below.

Claremont wall 1 - gym graphics

Claremont wall 2 - gym graphics

Claremont wall 3 - gym graphics

Claremont wall 4 - gym graphics

This old gym had existing graphics that were painted around 2007. These photos show how the old graphics began disappearing under new paint:

Beginning paintout of the old graphics -- side walls

Side Partial

Next: the focal point, which I ended up calling “Wolf Hill”:

Wolf Hill - Beginning

Wolf Hill - Progress shot
Wolf Hill Partial

Note the conduits / ducts that were unavoidable. My job is to make them disappear! Painting over these with care to continue the lines of the surrounding graphics requires an enormous amount of extra work to do, but the result is they “disappear” in the final product.

Wolf Hill - Pipe conduit detail

Pipes, ducts, and conduits

It started, as always, with a design drawing (below). It ended with more than 15 gallons of paint applied with much care to the…

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