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Over the years there have been a good number of requests for office / reception area logos and signs. If you want to make a good first impression in visitors to your organization’s offices, there are not many better places to start.

Here are a few examples:

Large facility like universities need to make it clear where various offices are. Here is some of the work we did for California Baptist University in Riverside, CA

California Baptist University - Human Resources dimensional letters

Dimensional office logo

Dimensional office logo

Calif. Baptist Univ. plaque

A corporate (or branch) office needs to make an impression, of course – like this Colliers International office we provided office signage for in Encino CA.

Colliers dimensional office logo

Colliers etch vinyl entry glass logo

Medical offices convey the professionalism of their office and services with professionally designed and produced office signage. Here is work we did for Brain and Spine Institute in Irvine CA.

This signage included the ADA door plaque shown to the right of the entry door.

Brain and Spine Institute of California - Newport Beach

Brain And Spine Institute of California - Interior reception logo

Just one more… a corporate conference room. This was a fun design created by the client – Customfab in Garden Grove CA (a contract manufacturing company) – they wanted to create a bit of privacy for the clear glass doors off the main foyer, so they made a pattern of graphics representing their services. The pattern was cut in etch-look vinyl material leaving the majority of the glass appearing frosted. We also created and applied a vinyl branding band and graphics around the inside of the room.

CustomFab - conference room

CustomFab - conference room

CustomFab - conference room

CustomFab - conference room

So I have to ask – what would you like in your offices in 2018?

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Supergraphics – corporate murals

Progress of a painted sign – Vail Lake Monument Mural

Over on the painted graphics side of things …

Sign Painter for San Diego - Orange County - Los Angeles - Southern California - Sign Painting - Mural Painting - Big City Supergraphics

Recently Big City had the opportunity to provide painted graphics on a two-sided 6 ft x 40 ft monument sign. Painting the graphics provided cost-effective signage for this large “canvas”.

Here is what it looked like originally – I’d say it was ready for a change:
Vail Lake - before photo

The process of providing new signage typically follows the path of settling with the client ahead of time on what we’ll be doing. A scale rendering and photo mock-up are typically provided, here is that documentation for this project:
Vail Lake Monument Mural

With approval from the client in hand, the graphic production begins. As documented elsewhere in this blog, full-size paper templates are drawn and perforated with tiny holes on the drawn lines. Charcoal is pushed through the holes on-site to transfer the design to the sign surface.

Next, I began laying in colors. The colors were intensified here, as signs need to be less subtle than printed materials to be…

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