Recently completed: Municipal signs – streetlight permanent aluminum boulevard medallion banners

Old Granada Village medallions
In the city of Los Angeles, local neighborhoods have Business Improvement Districts – they are encouraged to use signage to enhance the identity of their district, with iconic images.

In the Granada Hills Business Improvement District, we were asked to provide a design for streetlight “medallions” based on a tile mural used on street meridians monuments (see above). The project was successfully installed this week.

Here is another photo of the medallion design with the meridian monument:
Old Granada Village medallions

Here’s a photo of a couple of the medallions along the street:
Old Granada Village medallions

There are 33 of these, same graphics both sides (66 sets of graphics). We cut, prepped, primed, and painted the aluminum with durable, custom colors.
First came the background:
Granada Village medallions

Then we filled in colors:
Old Granada Village medallions

Of course, it sounds so simple when I use so few words, but it was a good bit of work. Still – it’s a successful project, durable and attractive, and an enhancement to the entire area.

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