Progress of a painted sign – Vail Lake Monument Mural

Over on the painted graphics side of things …

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Recently Big City had the opportunity to provide painted graphics on a two-sided 6 ft x 40 ft monument sign. Painting the graphics provided cost-effective signage for this large “canvas”.

Here is what it looked like originally – I’d say it was ready for a change:
Vail Lake - before photo

The process of providing new signage typically follows the path of settling with the client ahead of time on what we’ll be doing. A scale rendering and photo mock-up are typically provided, here is that documentation for this project:
Vail Lake Monument Mural

With approval from the client in hand, the graphic production begins. As documented elsewhere in this blog, full-size paper templates are drawn and perforated with tiny holes on the drawn lines. Charcoal is pushed through the holes on-site to transfer the design to the sign surface.

Next, I began laying in colors. The colors were intensified here, as signs need to be less subtle than printed materials to be…

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Recent work: project branding signage at SCS Corporate Center, San Bernardino

Using the building address as the project branding, 24″ address numbers were installed on all four sides of the building, and a two-sided monument sign was fabricated and installed at the driveway entrance. Here’s how it looks:

Sunwest SCS building numbers

Sunwest SCS monument - north

Recent work: 3033 Bristol temp leasing windows

Our commercial property management client requested temporary branding to be installed in vacant suites. We provided an inexpensive solution with printed banner material, installed inside glass. Here’s how the project looks:

3033 Bristol temp leasing windows

3033 Bristol temp leasing windows

Recent work: GIMBAL

Recently we were honored to help this start-up in San Diego, CA with hand-painted wall graphics in their dynamic, energetic office space.

GIMBAL - main wall

GIMBAL - second wall wrap

GIMBAL - wall stripes

and here’s how it looked when completed:

GIMBAL - both painted graphics

GIMBAL - office center - straight on

GIMBAL - break area

What Is Graphic Design?

This article gives a very complete explanation as to why design is vitally important to any visual project. Your sign project should be thoroughly thought out to be as effective as possible. You want what your offering to be successful, your brand communicates your offering, your signage is part of your brand…

Click link:

What Is Graphic Design?


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