Recent work – dimensional letter sign

Recently, we provided signage for this retail location – SoCal Rod & Reel – Bait & Tackle in Temecula CA. The letters are moulded plastic with embedded color, built to last for many years, and a cost-effective choice for signs.
SoCal Rod & Reel//

Apartment Facility Signage — Samples and Examples

Branding and facility signage for multi-tenant properties is one of Big City Sign’s specialties. Click here, or the photo below to see samples:

Apartment Signage//

Recent work: project branding signage at SCS Corporate Center, San Bernardino

Using the building address as the project branding, 24″ address numbers were installed on all four sides of the building, and a two-sided monument sign was fabricated and installed at the driveway entrance. Here’s how it looks:

Sunwest SCS building numbers

Sunwest SCS monument - north

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