Apartment Facility Signage — Samples and Examples

Branding and facility signage for multi-tenant properties is one of Big City Sign’s specialties. Click here, or the photo below to see samples:

Apartment Signage//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Recent work: project branding signage at SCS Corporate Center, San Bernardino

Using the building address as the project branding, 24″ address numbers were installed on all four sides of the building, and a two-sided monument sign was fabricated and installed at the driveway entrance. Here’s how it looks:

Sunwest SCS building numbers

Sunwest SCS monument - north

Continuing project, this week’s work:

A quantity of 27 directional signs are being refurbished, repainted with new colors, and these monument directory signs directories wrapped with printed graphics on the front, printed red color  with white vinyl letters on the backs. Lots to do … but turning out nice. Now… back to work!BELLTOWER-FRONT


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