Big City Signs – Since 1994. Your GO-TO Signage Source.


Professional signage for office, marketing, corporate, facilities, and construction. Hand painted, Digitally printed, and CAD Graphics. Serving southern California since 1994 — from Los Angeles to San Diego, your GO-TO signage source.

Graffiti Test (video)

Demonstration of removing graffiti from a vinyl film laminated with Concept 108 Tedlar Anti-Graffiti film. Graffiti sample had been on the film for about 2 weeks, and is removed with the proper solvent. I try three solvents as a test.

Apartment Facility Signage — Samples and Examples

Branding and facility signage for multi-tenant properties is one of Big City Sign’s specialties. Click here, or the photo below to see samples:

Apartment Signage//

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