Case study: before, during, and after rejuvenating a 5ft x 20ft sign

Signface wrap - west side by MrBigCity
Signface wrap – west side, a photo by MrBigCity on Flickr.

This was pretty interesting. The client had an old sign that had been through several changes. He decided he wanted an unlit sign, so we wrapped the existing plastic with opaque wrap material printed with graphics we helped them design. First, they repainted the sign cabinet white. Here is the proposal drawing I provided — I like the client to know just what they’re getting (photos of before and during installation below:

Here is a photo of the original, and then a photo of the sign as the new wrap went over it:

Client couldn’t be happier — he kept saying “I don’t believe how good it looks!” I told him we have to have a Grand Opening because everyone’s going to think it’s a new business!